Right Promotional Options for Facebook Likes

A like andwin promotion on Facebook seems to be the way to get more attention and get more likes. Still, it is better not to organize like and win campaigns anymore. The tips on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Since TV program paid attention to the like and win phenomenon, these actions have been in a bad light. Many companies lured participants with these actions, to change the name of the page after a while. Users have then liked an unknown page.

Facebook prefers not to see these like and win promotions, and has even set strict rules for them. Facebook rejects these promotions because they do not contain relevant content and do not generate followers who are really interested. Users are also annoyed by this content. So don’t do it anymore. You can buy facebook likes cheap and have your boost options.

Then what?

Well, no likeand win promotions. As a company, how do you get as many likes as possible? With these tips you will at least succeed in getting more likes:

Quality over quantity

With the current Facebook format, the number of likes will become less important. It is now mainly about the quality of the likes. It is important that your followers actually respond to your posts. If a lot of people have clicked the ‘like’ button on your page and then do not respond to your posts, your posts will be less displayed. The interaction with your followers thus becomes much more important.

The right content

How do you get that interaction? If you want people to respond to your messages, you have to come up with good and up-to-date content that suits your target group. People love valuable tips and are eager to gain knowledge. Make sure you give your own twist to the content.

You get interaction by asking the readers of your messages a question. Preferably a simple yes / no questions can be answered quickly. For example, tell a personal anecdote and ask whether they have experienced something similar. Come up with a statement and ask if they agree. Or ask for feedback on your work.

Update your content regularly. If you post too few messages, you will immediately see that in your reach. The need to show your messages in the news overview of your followers will then be much smaller for Facebook.

Good picture

Photos always do well and evoke reactions. Just look at the rise of Pinterest and Instagram. We love to see, comment and share photos of others. With a good image you get more attention for your messages on Facebook. Yet you often see bad images or stock photography passing by. It is a shame. Anyone who puts in a little effort can find a nice picture.